About BMAK FX Limited

We provide a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions and individuals.

We are committed to providing a complete, balanced financial solution and building sound financial security to enable our customers to live and share their dreams with the next generation

At Bmak FX Limited, meeting and exceeding client expectations is the basis of our success and our reputation. We’ve built our organization around our clients’ needs, focusing on what serves, not what sells, and demonstrating trust and integrity in every action we take on our clients’ behalf. These measures have led to the success that matters most to us: highly satisfied clients and enduring client relationships, across the World

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Why Choose BMAK FX

These and more are reasons why you should choose to invest and trade with Bmak FX Limited

High Return on Investment

Guaranteed high return on your investments. Your investments grows on a daily basis.

Easy to Open

Its easy to open an account with us and get started on your investment plans.

Safe and Secure

We use the best bullet proof servers and wallets to keep off cyberattacks

Access To Your Money

Easy access to your money. We provide quick withdrawal of your money

Covered By Insurance

Secured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which insures up to $1,000,000

Bitcoin Transaction

Perform all froms of bitcoin transactions right on our versatile platform

Request A Call Back

Send us a message and request that we call you back. And we will

Bmak Fx Investment


We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better Investment that not only works great, but it is easy to work with too. The profit on your investment deposit is calculated and paid into your account with Bmak FX Investment on a daily basis. Return on investment can be withdrawn on a weekly or monthly basis. On the maturity date of capital investment, the total amount you invested shall be returned to your account automatically both deposit amount and the interest calculated on Daily interest. Your account is automatically credited with $10 bonus upon successful registration..

Three steps

How It Work

Click on register on the top right hand corner and register your account Go to your email verify your account and start trading and investing.


Create your wallet

When you sign up fast and easy on our platform, your wallet is automatically created for you. No extra stress or step added. Fast and easy.


Make payments

Our integrated payment gateways enables you add your funds easily to your investment wallet. Once done, your investment starts growing immediately.


Grow and Withdraw

Once your investment starts growing and gets matured, you can withdraw your profit to any of your personal account with ease

You can use any of the available payment options to make your investment deposit. Bitcoin,Perfect Money or Payeer. Bitcoin: You are required to login to your account section and go to new deposit to get a unique bitcoin number generated by your account.From your bitcoin wallet make a deposit of the amount you wish to invest with Bmak FX Limited to our bitcoin address in your account section. Please note that the bitcoin wallet address last for 1 hour. You can sign out and login again to get a new bitcoin wallet address if you are unable to finish the payment within 1 hour.
It may take up to 48 hours for your account to show your deposit. However, if you don't see your deposit even after 48 hours, contact us with the screenshot of transaction as a proof of deposit and your account will be credited after successful verification.
How does Bmak FX Limited compare to other Investment Companies? Like Bmak FX Limited, most Investment Companies use technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. Bmak FX Limited doesn't stop there. We’re designed to help you identify your financial goals, and work towards achieving your goals, then, when you have questions, licensed experts from our Support and Advice teams are ready to help. In other words, Bmak FX Limited aims to help you answer, “How can I be a smarter, better investor across my finances?” while other robot-Investment Companies only answer “What should my portfolio look like?”
To change your withdrawal settings, go to "Settings" tab on your account dashboard. We currently support only Perfect Money and Bitcoin as withdrawal methods.
We work hard to offer many insightful resources to let you access the help you need. We also have a knowledgeable Customer Support Team available seven days a week to help answer your questions about Bmak FX Limited and your account. Sign up today to get started and contact us with your additional questions.
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Our Investment Strategies , Investment Program - Your money is invested using a number of funds.

We Invest this funds to Secondary Markets, like bonds, Crypto HYIP Trade, property and commodities (such as precious metals, energy and agriculture). This is known as diversification and is a way to spread out your risk. The mix of funds will change over time and depends on your attitude toward risk, as well as how financial markets are doing.